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tomas01.jpg This is my personal webpage (versión en castellano) hosted by the server of the MACFE group at INIFTA.

INIFTA is a research institute depending jointly on CONICET (Argentina's national research council) and the University of Plata, and staffed mainly by chemists and chemical physicists. I do my research work within the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics group (MACFE) and teach various courses at the Department of physics of the same University (about 2km from INIFTA).

I graduated in physics at La Plata and obtained my PhD here in 1998. Before joining INIFTA as a CONICET researcher in 2003, I was a postdoc in the Department of Physics of Northeastern University, Boston (1998–1999) and in the Department of Physics of the University of Rome La Sapienza (2000–2003).

My research is on the statistical physics of disorered systems, particularly supercooled liquids and glasses. You can read more about my current work here.

There is also information on the courses I teach (in spanish), and a blog-like miscellany on physics and software topics, mostly in english.

Finally you can browse personal information, including CV and publication list.

Contact information

Prof. Tomás S. Grigera
Diag. 113 esq. 64, c.c. 16, suc. 4
B1904DPI La Plata
Tel: +54-221-425-7430 int 151
Fax: +54-221-425-4642
tgrigera (at) inifta (dot) unlp (dot) edu (dot) ar

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